Downloading IRIDA

You can find individual download links, and links to corresponding documentation in the sections below.

IRIDA Web Interface

The IRIDA web interface is distributed as a war archive. You can access the latest stable release of IRIDA at:

You may also see all releases of the IRIDA web interface at:

The documentation for installing and configuring the IRIDA web interface (and Galaxy!) can be found at:

IRIDA Uploader

The IRIDA Uploader is an application used to submit sequencing data from a variety of sequencers to an instance of IRIDA. You can access the latest stable release of the IRIDA Uploader at:

The Uploader is available as a stand alone application with user interface, and as a command line utility.

A tutorial for the stand alone application can be found here:

The command line utility is available via source code on Github as well as a package on bioconda

The documentation for using the IRIDA Uploader is included in the package, but can also be found at:

Sample Data

Sample data for testing IRIDA can be found at:

The sample data package consists of simulated Illumina MiSeq read data for three publicly available Listeria Monocytogenes genomes. You can find more information about the simulated data at: