Exporting data to NCBI’s Sequence Read Archive

IRIDA can assist in uploading sequence files to NCBI’s Sequence Read Archive. IRIDA requires that BioProjects and BioSamples be created before uploading, and will assign uploaded sequence files to the given BioProject and BioSample identifiers. More information about the metadata which must be entered during the upload process can be found at NCBI Submission Quick Start Guide.

To begin submitting sequence files, select which samples you want to upload from the project samples page, then click the Export and Upload to NCBI SRA button.

Upload NCBI samples button

You will be forwarded to a page where you must enter metadata about the uploaded files. Start by entering information about the upload:

NCBI project metadata

Next you must fill in information about the samples to be uploaded. For more detailed information about these fields see NCBI’s SRA Handbook (Library Information, Sequencing Platform Description).

After entering this metadata you can select which files should be uploaded from each sample. Only files selected with checkboxes will be uploaded to NCBI.

NCBI sample metadata

Click the Submit at the bottom of the page when the information is complete.

After submitting you will be redirected to a page showing the information you have entered for the upload and the status of the upload. IRIDA will periodically check the status of uploads in the SRA and update their status as necessary. After NCBI has assigned an accession number to your upload it will be displayed on this page.

NCBI submission details